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Dental Check Ups at The Neem Tree

At The Neem Tree we recommend regular check ups to ensure good oral health.

So what happens at your first visit?

Your dentist will first introduce themselves and you will be escorted into the treatment room.

• you will have an informal chat with the dentist so they can get to know you and vice versa

• it is your dedicated time and chance to ask your dentist any questions that you may have

• your dentist will then give you some protective equipment to wear, some safety glasses and a bib to protect your clothes

• then (s)he has a look inside your mouth and checks for any underlying problems, all the soft tissues in your mouth and also all teeth from all directions

• the dentist may take digital x-rays with your permission to check in between the teeth for any hidden decay. (S)he may also take a few photographs of your teeth with an intra-oral (in-mouth) camera

• you will then be asked to look at the screen in front of you and will be talked through your x-rays and photographs

• you may be asked some questions and be asked for your opinion. This is the opportunity for your dentist to give you a thorough breakdown of what is going on in your mouth

• from the check up assessment, the dentist will then prepare a written treatment plan, detailing the planned dental treatment along with all associated fees.




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